We’ve just made SSO a breeze

February 10, 2020


Robert McWhirter

There's no dressing this up: 'single sign-on' isn't the most riveting subject matter.

But it is important. Done right you'll have your users zipping between applications with a smile on their faces; done wrong you'll be snowed under with password reset notifications.

Twine’s latest update benefits organisations using Azure AD – making it even easier for you to hook up user data and authenticate with Twine. That means quicker setup with less involvement from IT. On top of our OAuth, Auth0 and SAML options, we’re making SSO a breeze. That's a lot of initials, so let me explain.


Azure AD 101

For the uninitiated, Azure AD is Microsoft's cloud version of Active Directory (AD), the tool that a lot of organisations use to manage user accounts across their Microsoft apps. Traditionally, organisations have kept this data on their own servers, locked away safely in a cupboard deep in the IT department. Azure AD allows organisations to store this data offsite, in 'the cloud' (in Microsoft's own server warehouses).

Being in the cloud makes it much easier for web-based software like Twine to communicate with Active Directory. Our latest update now means that this is even more seamless – we just need a few details from your IT team, and a few hours later we can have Twine fully synced to your AD.


Ease the burden on IT teams

Getting the IT team’s attention can be hard - they’re busy people after all. Our hookup with AD is designed to limit the amount you’ll have to bug them, making the setup process super smooth.

Azure AD gives you identity management for the cloud so you can configure a single sign-on service (SSO) to simplify user access to thousands of cloud applications. User attributes can be automatically synchronised to your cloud directory – which keeps everything in-sync when people leave and join your organisation.

Azure AD

Once you’ve got this linked with Twine, users can use the same credentials across both Microsoft and Twine. Plus, it makes managing new and old employees a breeze: all done from you Azure Active Directory.

Don't have AD? No bother, use Auth0

If you don't have something like AD, Auth0 is our go-to provider for single sign-on management. Their modern API makes it straightforward to link your existing systems into one easy-to-manage console. You can see how we've using Auth0 to create a seamless user experience with our latest work for Ascential Events. It's safe to say that we're big fans.

oauth dboard

If you've made it to the end of this post and it still hasn't satisfied your appetite for SSO, I'm impressed (and frankly little concerned). Secondly, you might want to take a look at our apps and integrations page for even more authentification fun  ?

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