Align your organisation with apps like News & Announcements, Knowledge & Learning, Wellbeing and more.

Learn why social housing organisations choose Twine:

Bring everyone together

🤼 Connect your volunteers, homeowners and tenants with your staff on different permission groups and pricing tiers.

Keep your employees in the know

📚 Publish updates and success stories and your employees will automatically be notified via email, desktop alerts, Messenger and more.

Establish a single source of truth

⚔️ From repair to fixed term tenancy policies, use mandatory reads to notify your team of their required reading.

Train your employees online

🖥️ Create a learning portal (or link your existing one) to train employees on managing tenancies, anti-social behaviour and much more.

Make everyone feel engaged and included

🍿 Showcase your values, set up a wellbeing hub, a hall of fame and so much more in Twine.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing toolset

🧰 Whether your company is based on Office 365 or G Suite you can seamlessly integrate with Twine.


Trusted and reviewed by housing organisations worldwide.

4.5/5 on G2 Crowd
4.5/5 on Capterra

"There's now no excuse for people not knowing what is going on inside our business as it is freely available to all via twine."

Mark Saldanha Head of IT

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