About us

Twine makes workplace communications software for fast growing companies. We’re a remote team trusted by big and small companies around the world.

Our story

Twine is an intranet for the modern workplace.

When your team needs to share knowledge, announce big news, find the right person for a job, onboard a new employee and more, Twine’s got you covered. All of your people, content and ideas are brought together in one place: your intranet.

‘Intranet’ is an old word. It’s older than the internet itself. But we’ve stuck with it. Why? Well, it’s because we think the problems intranets tried to solve are still around: as an organisation grows, it becomes harder and harder to stay organised. That’s where Twine comes in. We take the essential parts of the modern workplace such as files, calendars, news and connect them together into this single, beautiful experience.

Our mission is simple: to build an application that sits right at the heart of workplaces of the future.

Twine was built by the same team behind the Browser Group, an agency that designs enterprise applications for the workplace. Since launching, Twine has been adopted by all kinds of businesses across the world: rocket propulsion engineers, software designers, beauty product makers and many more.