Broadcast your content

Whether you’re celebrating milestones, making announcements or generally keeping people in the know – News makes it easy to broadcast content across your entire company.

Engage your employees

Keep all your employees up to date about what's going on across your business.

Celebrate your culture

Build a thriving culture by sharing stories of employees living your company values.

Connect with leaders

Start a conversation between frontline workers and your leadership team.


Targeted announcements

Keeping your team in the know is easy: publish updates in Twine and they’ll automatically be notified via email, Slack and more – so no one misses the memo.


Straightforward segmentation

News integrates seamlessly with Team Pages – so every team, office and department can have their own personalised news feed.


Start a conversation

Company news doesn’t have to be a one-way process – start a conversation by enabling comments on your posts.

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