A single source of truth for your company

Buried under documents? Twine stores all your policies, files and resources in one place so your employees can find important info whenever they need it.


Capture meeting notes, document product updates and plan marketing campaigns.

Learning resources

Build a library of learning and development resources.


Create employee onboarding guides and resources to make new starters feel welcome.


More than just text


Bring your content to life with text, images, videos, files, app embeds and more.


Import and embed content from Google, Dropbox and Box.


Embed 100s of tools like Airtable, PowerBI and Figma.


Search and organise your company in one place

Every part of Twine is fully searchable. If you need to find an expert in photoshop, check for the latest brand assets or remind yourself when the next company retreat is – all you need to is the search for it on Twine.


Powerful content management

Mandatory reads

Need the marketing team to read the new brand guidelines? Use mandatory reads to notify your team of their required reading.


Hide documents and categories from certain users, teams or locations.

Version control

Every articles has a full revision history so you can audit your content library.

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