Pricing as straightforward as our product

As many apps as you need, no matter your size

What’s included?

You’ll have access to the same features, regardless of how many users you have

As many apps as you need

Access to our design team

Full support and helpdesk

Responsive design

Integrations to major platforms

Access to our rollout team

Branding and customisation

Full analytics

Encrypted data and security certified

Still not sure about something?

Is there a free trial available?

You can try Twine out for 30 days, no card details required. Create an account to see a demo version of Twine, or get in touch for a fresh account.

Can I customise Twine?

Every business is different, so we make Twine different for every business. This might include extra apps, custom branding or content. Get in touch and we can discuss your options.

Can I use Twine as an extranet?

Twine can be used as an intranet, extranet, ideation platform or any other situation where people, documents and knowledge need to be in one place.

How is Twine hosted?

Twine is hosted on Amazon Web services. This means on premise won’t work with Twine since there is no way to receive our regular system updates.

Do you offer rollout help?

We certainly do. Our rollout team will assist with the rollout and adoption of your intranet for an additional cost.

Is Twine secure?

Twine has been audited by organisations such as Shell and the NHS and security and data protection is a priority for us. See our Data and Security page for more details.