Knowledge Library

Knowledge Library

Share your content

Content matters, and internal content is no different. Twine’s Knowledge Library gives you the tools to do your content justice: an elegantly structured library for company policies and information to be kept in one place.

  • Editable HTML articles
  • Sync your existing file system
  • Straightforward permission control

Easy content editing

Twine makes it easy to create engaging content with images, videos, rich media embeds and more.

  • Fully featured WYSIWYG editor
  • Embed rich media and documents
  • Full revision history

Sync your documents

Twine lets you add as many files to your knowledge base as you need. It can hook with your existing file system too, no problem.

  • Sync files with Google, Box, Dropbox and more
  • Embed documents such as .docx, .pdf, .xls and more
  • Unlimited storage

Straightforward permissions

Certain people need to read certain content, and you need to know when they have. With Twine’s straightforward visibility and mandatory read controls, you’ve got full control of who reads what.

  • Assign private categories by group, office or department
  • Alert users to their personal ‘mandatory read list’
  • View an index of who has read which articles

Powerful Search

Your users need to find the content they need as quickly as possible, and it’s your job to make sure they can. Twine’s intuitive interface makes it easy to structure your library and optimise articles for search.

  • Assign tags to items
  • Add custom keywords
  • Rely on our powerful live search