Make your intranet useful

The Sharepoint Alternative

Easy to use, simple to implement. Twine is the obvious alternative.

“We did a great job…considering we had to use Sharepoint”

If you’re a regular at comms conferences, this will be a familiar phrase. We all know that Sharepoint can be a powerful tool, but often it’s just too complex for the job at hand.

We think your staff shouldn’t have to wrestle with a frustrating interface to retrieve simple documents. That you shouldn’t have to hire developers to get your intranet up and running. And that you definitely shouldn’t have wait 6 months before you can launch it.

That’s why we made a Sharepoint alternative: Twine. It’s surprisingly simple.

Simple to implement; easy to use

People work better when it’s easy for them to find content and collaborate. Twine takes care of this with easy to use apps.

  • Content Library, News and Blogs
  • Forums and Workgroups
  • Polls and Surveys – all you’d expect from modern intranet software


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Consumer-grade design

We don’t see why enterprise software should be any more difficult to use than the apps on your phone. It should be fast to load, intuitive to operate and available wherever you are, whatever device you’re using.

In-house intranets are built on legacy systems and the same old way of thinking. We’ve built something new, that behaves how you’d expect a modern application to.

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Organisations that understand the power of good design

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Easy to setup

Twine is built on a modular basis, so you can turn on and off modules as you like. It also means that we can built new custom modules for you; we call this a ‘hybrid approach’.

Using a Twine as a base, you can put your budget into making it even better, rather than creating something mediocre from scratch.

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And no developers needed

Zero – zilch – zip. That means more budget left over for rollout, customisation and maybe that congratulatory bottle of Champagne.

Twine is constantly being improved and refined. Every few days you’ll receive tiny updates to the system to keep it running smoothly, and always secure.


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