Security and Data Protection

Security and Data Protection

How we keep your data secure – all you need to know


We give you the tools to make logging in to Twine straightforward, whilst remaining secure. We never store raw passwords, and passwords are always securely hashed and salted.

  • Active Directory (Azure) integration
  • Google, Microsoft and LinkedIn authentication supported
  • Auto Logout available


intranet apps integrations

Hosting and infrastructure

Twine is hosted on Amazon Web Services. Our servers are hosted in data-centres with the following attributes:

  • ISO27001 (Security Management Standard)
  • SOC 1 (Audit Controls Report)
  • SOC 2 (Compliance Controls Report)
  • SOC 3 (General Controls Report)
  • UK DPA 1998 (Data Protection Act)
  • EU Dara Protection Directive (Data Protection Framework)
  • ISO 9001 (Global Quality Standard)
  • ISO 27017 (Cloud Specific Controls)

Our database data is encrypted at rest and all connections are via TLS with a Qualys SSL Test A grade.


We take our security policies seriously and have been audited by big organisations like Shell and the NHS. The following security documentation is available on request:

  • Access Control Policy
  • Data Handling Guidelines
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Incident Management Policy
  • Information Classification Policy
    Information Security Policy

Continuously updated

Twine is constantly being improved and refined. We release regular updates to the system to keep it running smoothly and always secure. Peace of mind, so you can worry about the work you do best.