Senior Backend Developer

We're looking for a senior backend developer to join our team!

The freedom to work from anywhere.

Join a great team, make a beautiful product, work from anywhere. It doesn’t matter if you’re in Barcelona, London, Naples or Bristol, our team have the flexibility to work from anywhere in Europe. We think that the key to making a great product that our customers love isn’t slogging it into the office every day – it’s about a motivated team of talented individuals.


You don’t have to work from home though: we give everyone a budget to either spend on a co-working space or any place they feel comfortable. But hey, if home works for you, you can use the budget for gym membership, decking out your workspace or visiting other co-workers. All we ask is that you have a good internet connection, a quiet place to take calls and are within 2 hours of GMT.

Your day to day

Each morning we’ll have a daily catch up on Hangouts, and then break off into smaller teams to get to work on creating a nimble, beautiful product that works for our customers. Every touch point, from first contact with our marketing channels, all the way to configuring system settings, needs to be spot on. So whilst we’re all working on different stuff, this is what brings us together.

So what is Twine?

Twine is an app that takes on the problem of bad company communications. If you have ever worked in a fast growing company, you’ll know the pain points: too many names/faces to remember, information spread everywhere, your Slack exploding.

Twine sorts all of this out by bringing teams, comms and docs together in one place – wherever they may be.

We do this with a few native tools: a news app, a content library, a team directory – and they all integrate with the rest of your work toolset. We do these tasks really well, and then focus on tight integrations so we can all of a company’s bring tools, info and news together.

About the role

We’ve just launched the latest version (3.18.2) of the product with a completely new design and infrastructure to boot, and we’re getting great feedback on all the improvements. You’ll be joining us at an exciting time as we look to expand our team, develop the product and expand our integrations. We’ve come along way since our humble beginnings, but we want to take Twine to the next level and you’d play a pivotal role in doing so.

Our backlog comes from our users, who we listen to eagerly. As part of the senior team we’ll work up creative solutions in a technology-led way. Behind the scenes, it is a group of engineers and creatives that work brilliantly together on a product that is currently enjoying a lot of momentum. As a developer, it ticks a lot of boxes for those who really like to get behind something, make it your own, strive for best-in-class, and have a blummin’ good time while you’re at it.

In terms of your job role you’ll find yourself at both ends of the spectrum of engineering tasks. As it’s currently a small engineering team you’ll be a hands on engineer planning and rolling out some of the weightier features and diagnosing some of the issues we see in our bug analytic software. We’re big believers in automation, and you’ll be central to this once you’re up to speed with our stack.

Over the course of this year it is up to us to make it a real shining jewel that we’ll blog about, talk about, and open source our tech to the dev community. We have an exciting roadmap with a suite of new features and integrations as well as opening up Twine through new API’s.

The Stack

Symfony (PHP7.2) // Go (microservices) // Linux (Alpine) // AWS // Docker // CircleCI // BugSnag // TDD // React // Typescript // Angular (legacy components) // SCSS // Settlers of Catan

The package and benefits

As well as a competitive salary, we offer each member of the team a number of number of perks and benefits.

Full remote

Stock options

24 days holiday

2 annual company retreats

Quarterly two day “jams” / hackathons

Macbook setup the way you like

Remote working budget

Training and conference budget

Benchmarked salary

4 cool things about working with us

Freedom and responsibility

Since our team is relatively small, you’ll have a lot of freedom and responsibility (which is scary and awesome at the same time).


On average, people now spend approximately 13 years and two months of their lives at work. We want to make the lives of those people happier by simplifying chaotic fast growing companies. The impact we have is tangible and rewarding.


We are at an exciting stage in the tech startup lifecycle, we’re fully launched, we have great traction and product-market fit. It’s a very good time to be a part of the Twine team.


We are a team of talented individuals who thrive on sharing knowledge and insight with our colleagues. If you work with us, you’ll be learning from the best individuals in tech, product, business and marketing.

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