Twine's Dashboard gets an upgrade

Better control, more feeds, embed anything

Rob McWhirter

Rob McWhirter

It’s summer and we have updates ☀️

Spring saw us doing a big chunk of work going on behind the scenes of Twine, so it’s rewarding to be shipping out big features again. The latest batch is the first step in our Dashboard revamp, and it’s a huge improvement. Let me take you through it…

Build your own Dashboard

Up until now, you’ve had to request Dashboard changes from us, and that’s annoying for everyone.

So, we’ve rectified this and now you have full control over your Dashboard. That includes which widgets show, where they are and what content they include. If you’re an admin, you can configure this on the Settings page – you’ll see a new ?icon where you can start setting things up.

Head there and you’ll be able to choose from Latest blog posts, Activity feed, Polls, Tasklist, RSS feed, Twitter feed, Calendar, Eventbrite, YouTube and Embed iframes.

And more coming further down the line. Let me go into a bit more detail below ?


Create widgets using *any* embed code

This is a personal favourite so I’m going to start with it.

If you click on that Create widget button, you might notice that there’s an option that you won’t recognise. That’s our new Embed widget and it allows you to embed any iframe onto your Dashboard for all users to see.

That might simply be a YouTube video, but we’ve had fun embedding Flickr albums, Google mapsSlideshares and even Spotify playlists. To embed content, you’ll need to grab an iframe code from your content of choice (usually found under the ‘share’ button) and then paste it into the edit page of the widget. Simple as that.

We’d love to hear what you decide to embed!


Set up tasks for new users

Twine has always had a ‘tasks’ widget, but you might not have heard of it. We have been a bit shy about it in the past since, frankly, it wasn’t terribly useful in its old form.

But that’s all changed. Now we’ve made this a really useful tool for onboarding new starters and pointing them in the right direction. By setting up ‘default tasks’ admins now have the power to decide what tasks show for new users.

So, you can now welcome new hires to the company, prod them to update their profile and show them to that Knowledge article you wrote for them. For all other users, it gives them a place jot notes and organise their tasks.


Add your own feeds, where and when you want

Finally, the RSS, Twitter and YouTube widgets let you add your own feeds into the Dashboard, without our help. You can add as many of these as you like, so if you’ve got multiple industry sources that you want to pull in, you can do so super easily. Plus choose how many items you would like to show.


And coming soon…

Our new Skills feature lets your staff add skills to their profile, and others recommend them for them.

They’ll also be searchable, so when you’re looking for someone to proofread your email to a French client, you can get in touch with that guy in the Sales team who is fluent. A separate post will follow soon, but here’s a sneak peek from our testing environment ?