Product Updates: Sneak Peek

A sneak peek of what's going on in Knowledge

Rob McWhirter

Rob McWhirter

Traditionally, August isn’t exactly the most productive month in the working calendar.

Summer vacations take people out of the office and long hot days that take the remainder for beers after work, it’s not hard to understand why I might not have a great deal to show you this month.

But, in truth, it’s because we’re overhauling a part of Twine that appears in almost every feature: the data table. It’s a big job that requires a lot of testing, but I’m pleased to share with you a sneak peek of what will be live on all accounts in mid-September.

It’s going to make content editors’ lives a whole lot easier, enabling much easier management of categories and articles. I’ll save the real details for another post, but here are a few screen grabs to whet your appetite.

Here are a few new actions that are in the pipeline:

Selecting multiple items

You’ll be able to select categories and article en masse, like this:


Editing titles in-line

You’ll be able to change the names of categories super quickly.


Moving multiple items at once

And you’ll be able to whizz articles to different categories in no time.

More to come…

There will be a detailed update next month when the new data table is released. until then, keep an eye out for your automatic update in the next couple of weeks.

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