Product Updates: Eventbrite & Calendar Widget

Twine updates for March

Rob McWhirter

Rob McWhirter

Company events: every company does them.

Probably by sending an email around. Or maybe a mass calendar invitation. Or maybe printing off tiny little flyers and scattering them on everyone’s desks, that for some reason, seem to drift towards the bin. Well, we have a new way. 

If you’re a Twine customer, you’ve now got two new tools to advertise events to your company: the first with our Eventbrite Integration, the second using the new Calendar Dashboard Widget.

Feed in Eventbrite

For the uninitiated, Eventbrite is a ticketing and booking website for event organizers to plan, promote, and sell tickets to events. They do a much better job at the complicated booking stuff that we could ever hope to, so we’ve created an integration that lets you advertise your Eventbrite events in Twine.


So, you can manage all of your upcoming events in Eventbrite, including things like tickets and payment, and we’ll make sure they’re displayed as an item on the lefthand menu, plus on a widget on the your dashboard.

If you’d like to start using this feature, head to support.twineintranet.com and send the team a message to get it turned on. After that, it’s as simple as getting your API key from your Eventbrite account settings, putting it into your Twine settings and then you’re all set.

Calendar events on your Dashboard

Lots of companies use our calendar app to advertise their company events, but busy people at your company can’t be expected to head into the app to see what’s going on. That’s why we’ve created this snazzy Dashboard widget.

calendar widget

It sits on your Dashboard and links up with the Twine calendar app to stream the next three events you have scheduled. Handy for getting those company-wide events into the limelight, don’t you think?

Two updates, one goal

You’ll notice that these apps kind of achieve the same thing: putting your events under people’s noses.

There’s nothing to stop you from using these simultaneously – in fact it might make sense to use the calendar widget for company events and the Eventbrite widget for those that need some sort of ticketing function. Whatever route you choose to take, just let us know and we’ll get it set up for you.

So, get planning those events ? ? ? ?