Product Updates: July

A new way to manage user data

Rob McWhirter

Rob McWhirter

It’s not fun, it’s not sexy, but making sure that your intranet has the right information on your users is essential.

So that’s why we’ve made it easier for you to take complete control over user data in the system. Twine’s user data panel has been overhauled so you can quickly toggle what data appears on the registration form, user profiles and if it’s displayed privately or publicly.

How to do it

To review your user data settings, you’ll need to head to User Data in the Settings area. Once you’ve arrived, you’ll see a big data table like this.
user data

It might look complicated, but it’s pretty straightforward once you get into it. There are a few column headers that you’ll need to know about: Registration, Required, Private and Enabled. Once you know what these mean, it’s plain sailing.

Registration data and required fields

If you have a registration form for new users on your portal (configured in Settings > Global Settings), you’ll want to be able to control what appears on it. You can now do this easily by pressing the Edit button next to a field name in this table. You’ll be taken to an edit page where you can change the field’s attributes.

user data

To make a field appear on the registration form, you’ll need to press the Show on registration toggle and press save. Once you’ve set this up, these fields will appear on your registration form. You can also choose if they are required fields or not, using the ‘required’ toggle. Your registration form will look something like this:

Your registration form will look something like this:


Private and public data

User data will always appear on a user’s profile. However, you might not want all of this information to be visible to everyone. For this, we’ve made it easy to toggle what information appears publically (to all users) and what appears privately (only to admins and the user). This can be controlled for each field in the edit page, as shown above. It appears on profiles just like this one below.

user data


 Tell us what you think

This is a new approach to feature that is integral to the system. We’re open to feedback on our approach, be it good or bad. Get in touch with me at @Rob_McW or email hello@twineapp.com to let us know what you think about this latest update.

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