Permissions Are Here

Our major release for Autumn

Rob McWhirter

Rob McWhirter

Simple is at the centre of what we do at Twine.

But whilst simple is good, what we don’t want to be is simplistic. Up to now, the permissions section of Twine has been simplistic, especially for larger organisations. Well, in October we addressed this and added a new option to the admin panel: Permissions.

Restrict writers, editors and publishers

Maybe you have an editor who needs to review blog posts, but you don’t want them to be able to change the theme of your intranet to ‘Hot Flamingo Pink’.

Well, now there’s a solution. The new permission module allows you to give users additional permissions to individual apps within Twine. So, you can allow writers to write, and publishers to publish, without letting them fiddle with the system settings.

All of a sudden, Twine becomes a really powerful tool for large organisations.permissions

Create your own permission groups

At the heart of the new permissions settings are ‘Permissions Groups’.

Permissions Groups allow you to configure what can be done on specific apps. You are then able to assign these permissions to individuals or groups of users of your choice.


Add and remove users easily

Adding and removing users to Permission Groups is easy using Twine’s people picker module. Search by department and choose who can access what, on a granular level .

people picker

Let us give you a tour

We’re already beta testing this feature on a selection of companies. If you’d like a demo of it yourself, don’t be afraid to get in touch and we’ll give you the full explanation over a screen share. Let us know at hello@twineapp.com