Is this the most elegant Knowledge Base ever?

Well, we think so

Rob McWhirter

Rob McWhirter

We’ve rebuilt the Knowledge Base and we think it’s the most straightforward yet.

A good knowledge base is a single source of truth. It saves organisations time and money, and employees headaches – but for some reason, nobody has made one that’s easy to use…

The new Knowledge Base is an elegant space to house your company policies and manage them as they change. We think it’s the easiest to manage Knowledge Base out there and early users have been telling us the same.

You now have full control over:

  • Who can see what information
  • How content is structure (information architecture)
  • Who can (and cannot) publish articles

As always, this feature has been shaped by conversations with our users, prospective customers and data – and we’re all ears to any feature suggests you might have that we can add to our roadmap. Here’s a snapshot:

Control who can see what

A feature well overdue, you are now able to limit categories to different segments of people in your organisation. So, if you want to keep your payroll policies only accessible to the HR department that can be done with a flick of a switch.


Managing content is a breeze

It’s now way easier to manage your content – just how it should be. With the new data table we’ve built, you can bulk select, move category and bulk delete content without any hassle. Not much more to say here – it works how it should.


Multiple publishers? No problem

Bigger organisations won’t just have one content writer so it’s important to open up this area to more than admins. You’re able to use the permissions module to give standard users extra privileges to create and manage content. You can find this by heading to Settings then Permissions Groups


There’s more in the pipeline

As always, new features are very much driven by you, our users. We’ve already had a few suggestions and we’d welcome more.

Ideas so far:

  • Integrate with GatherContent 
  • Add revision history
  • Replace the current text editing tool

All nice suggestions which could certainly find themselves in the product over upcoming months.

Keep writing in ✍️